BRINDA S. NARAYAN
About the Book

The employees at the Callus call centre in Bangalore juggle false identities, abusive customers, and the tugs of family and community.

An Anglo-Indian trainer is aghast at the overt Americanisms adopted by her eager trainees. A van driver who yearns for a son petitions the god Ayyappan with rituals and daily prayers and by playing devotional songs inside the van. A brash, Jimi Hendrix-loving agent tries to change the music and stokes the driver’s deep and unexpressed resentment. A young girl travels across the great divide between the slum she lives in and the shiny, glass complex where she works as a toilet cleaner.

Through fifteen linked stories, Bangalore Calling explores the social costs of outsourcing to the Indian community – the erosion of cultures, the displacement of vernacular languages and accents – in a world that’s not yet flat.

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